If You Missed Spring Break, Alessanda Ambrosio Celebrated For You [VIDEO]

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This was one of those years where I considered getting my friends together to go on spring break.  This is a crazy thought as I am many years removed from my college days, but we never really went on spring break when we were in school.

We did small trips, but nothing to the magnitude of Panama City Beach or any where the kids go these days.  I would love to do it now for the simple fact that I can afford it and not have to worry.

LOVE Magazine has done a great job reminding us that we all should take time and go on spring break on an annual basis with Alessandra Ambrosio. Realistically, we can have spring break when ever we want as adults.  Although, when Alessandra is involved I want to be a part of whatever spring break she is.

Enjoy the video below.