Sexy Desert Girl Fight With Amanda Cerny And Tamra Dae [VIDEO]

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Sometime you find things that you have to share.  As we are getting a nice warm up this weekend it seems only fitting to share a video with two beautiful women fighting in bikinis.

In the black bikini we have Amanda Cerny who is Playboy’s Ms. October 2011.  More recently she saw rise to fame from her successfully funny Vines which led to an even funnier YouTube page and many more acting rolls.  Most recently I saw her on Workaholics.


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Be free, explore and then back to work😈👑Mexico vibes

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Amanda from the Block 🎶◻️

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In the blue bikini we have Tamara Dae who is a well know fitness model.  Her Instagram is just one that needs to be seen.  Plus anyone who loves soccer as much as she does, is a woman after my own heart.   She also has her own YouTube page and has been featured in several different videos.

Ball is Life ⚽️ #BRICKHAUSBODY #TamraDae #BodyByTamra @joeascioti 📷

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When bae underestimates you 😂⚽️ Watch full video on my Facebook! @splack

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Both sizzle in this video below as they fight over the perfect place to get the best sun in the desert.  Clearly neither is a fan of sharing but if it makes for a great video, I approve. Who wins the fight?  you have to find that out for yourself.  You should prolly also follow them on all social media’s.