Bikini Baristas: Coffee And Controversy In Washington State [VIDEO]

YouTube Screen Shots
YouTube Screen Shots


At this point in adulthood, if you don’t realize that sex sells, you should come out of the shadows of that giant rock you have been living behind.  It does seem weird to say that it is a part of our culture, but it is very prevalent everywhere we go.  Hooters does this to sell wings and Tilted Kilt has and does work in other markets.  Now the state of Washington faces a new controversy as bikini clad coffee shops are popping up as a new way to compete with giant chains.

As with everything in life, someone is bound to be upset and there are some people.  These upset citizens are just trying to protect the kids.  These same kids who would see the same thing if they went to the public pool during the summer.  Towards the end of the video, this anti bikini barista group is upset that City Council seems to laugh at them every time that they bring it up.  City Counsel probably doesn’t care based on the amount of money that these coffee shops are bringing in.  So much so that there is one coffee shop geared specifically towards women with men making the drinks.  It probably doesn’t help that some of these locations have won awards for how good their coffee is.

Check out the video for yourself and form your own opinion.  I on the other hand may be late for my shift tomorrow as I will getting a plane ticket to Washington to get some coffee.