Fatguy’s Freakshow

Hi, I’m Fatguy. I suck complete and total assholes when it comes to writing profile blurps (as Ryan The Black called it). I started in radio in 1995 while still in High School. I had always wanted to be an actor but I realized that Hollywood usually has one or two spots for fatties so I figured that radio was a better choice. I’ve worked all over the USA, from Sacramento to Jacksonville…even spent some time in Alaska (which I loved and miss dearly). I’m not one of those “Cool” DJ’s in fact I prefer to live in my outcast role when it comes to my show. I am nothing special, I am just some douche that is lucky enough to talk into a robot penis for a living (For A Living Is A Super Loose Term…You prob make more dollhairs flipping boogers than I do as an on-air personality). I love my daughter (The Boog) and try to incorporate her into everything I am doing so don’t be shocked if you see her with me at a thing. Let’s see, what else. I am a huge dork, I love my comics, my video games and my ecletic music taste. Above all, I just want people to feel like, when listening the The Freakshow, that we are all hanging out on the couch, playing video games, smoking things and talking shit…because talking shit is so much fun.

Some things you might hear on The Freakshow:

Things that cost $1000 but you should not put in your peehole.
You’re Dumb
He’s That Guy
Nerd News
Skynet Is Taking Over The Frakin World
WTS is happening in Peoria
That’s So Frakin Cute
Police Logs
Cannabis Synapsys
and I do my best to come up with new shiz all the time to keep it fresh.

I have a Faceplace for the show and you are more than welcome to shoot me messages on there anytime you’d like. I promise that I will reply.

The biggest thing I want everyone to know is that I am old school…I remember when I was growing up, listening to the radio and developing friendships with the local DJ’s…I want that back. I am your friend, and I am here for you if you need to talk about anything.

I think I’ve written enough…I have to poop now. Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me be on your radio from 7-10pm Monday – Friday. I love what I do and having fun with you is therapy for me.