Grab “Six Tickets For $66!” Now, For IN THIS MOMENT At Peoria Civic Center Theater in October!

Photo Courtesy Peoria Civic Center
Photo Courtesy Peoria Civic Center

Ready for some serious HALLOWEEN fun, X fans?? Time for you to grab your IN THIS MOMENT tickets for our Halloween flavored show on October 8th at the Peoria Civic Center Theater! RIGHT NOW, YOU, CAN PURCHASE “SIX FOR $66!” Say what? Yep, purchase SIX tickets, for just $66!

Use the code word, “6pack” Awesome deal for you!

Now, you MUST purchase SIX tickets for this deal to work, so, gather your flock of Rockers, and make it happen! In This Moment will be here, with special guests New Year’s Day, and Little Miss Nasty! Just click the link here.

Big thanks to LIVE NATION, and the Peoria Civic Center! See you on October 8th! Let’s Rock!