Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars And Chris Stapleton Collaborate On New “Rock” Song, ‘Blow!’

YouTube Screen Shot
YouTube Screen Shot

There are times in this Rock radio world where you pause, take a listen, and then realize that you hear something quite different, and potentially quite bad-ass at the same time. Case in point this past week, when I was told to give a listen to this new collaboration from Ed Sheeran’s new album, with, wait for it, Bruno Mars, and Chris Stapleton. Say what? Yep, Ed Sheeran. That Ed Sheeran. The happy guy with red hair, who sings love songs on his acoustic guitar. That Ed Sheeran, the pop artist. The guy that most Mom’s dig.

Well, here we are. Ed has released this new song, “Blow!”, and it does indeed feature Mr. Mars, and Mr. Stapleton. So, it has a lot of guitars. It has pounding drums. It has an instantly catchy chorus. Oh’, and the guitars, the riffs are solid, and catchy. Bottom line? The song is well done, and it’s potentially going to be a huge hit….on Rock radio!

I’ve cranked up “Blow!” for you on the Morning X, and 70% of you are “thumbs up”, overall, with some haters thrown in, and folks who just think it’s too weird. Well, I for one, think it’s pretty refreshing to hear. I don’t care who it is. I mean, think about it, we have Rock guys making Country albums. Think Aaron Lewis, even Kid Rock has gone pretty damn Country.  So, maybe these three should just make a Rock ALBUM? Bring it, Boys!