New Badflower Single X ANA X [VIDEO]

Photo By Youtube


Ahhh yes finally new music from Badflower!

The band just announced their debut full length album (they currently have an EP out) and a new single along with it. The album OK, I’M SICK is set for release February 22nd of next year and will feature the hit song “Ghost” and the new single “x ANA x”.

It’s crazy, it’s all over the, not at all what I expected from them and I love it. Hope you do too! Check it out.

Also, here’s the track listing for the new album:

  1. x ANA x
  2. The Jester
  3. Ghost
  4. We’re In Love
  5. Promise Me
  6. Daddy
  7. 24
  8. Heroin
  9. Die
  10. Murder Games
  11. Girlfriend
  12. Wide Eyes
  13. Cry

~Anna Kinkade