“Lotsa 4-Play On The 4th!” Kicks Off At 6am Wednesday!

Yep, 4th of July on a Wednesday is somewhat challenging. So, here on the X, we were thinking, “What can we do to entertain you on your day off on the 4th?” Well, we all agree that four play is important, so, here on the X, we are unleashing our first ever “Lotsa-4-Play On The 4th!” What? Yep, we are cranking out four songs in a row from our core, favorite X artists, beginning at 6am, and continuing until 10pm this Wednesday night! Everyone from Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Beasties, Metallica, Sublime, Pearl Jam, Nirvana….Peppers…..four in a row, baby! So, grill a wiener, blow up some stuff, and crank up the X! Happy 4th Of July, X fans!